Alberto Kabbabe, General Director of Alimenta la Solidaridad, received the Social Leader Award at the 2023 IESA ALUMNI Award
October 5, 2023
Alberto Kabbabe received the Social Leader Award at the 2023 IESA ALUMNI Award

Author: Adrián Pastrano

Caracas, Venezuela – 10/5/23

The CEO of the NGO Alimenta la Solidaridad and Master in Public Management, Alberto Kabbabe, was honored at the 2023 edition of the IESA ALUMNI Leadership Awards in the “Social Leader” category on September 30th.

The event aims to highlight the impact of the work of each of the nominees and graduates of this institution, exercising responsible leadership in their respective organizations. It is a tribute to their hard work and the positive difference they have made in the lives of thousands of people, especially Venezuelans, both inside and outside the country.

“From here, we have been working on food security in Venezuela, especially during the humanitarian crisis that affects us. We have built an organization that has fed more than 40,000 children throughout its history, serving 20 million meals, and is present in 13 states of the country, covering 240 communities,” said the awardee, Alberto Kabbabe.

Alimenta la Solidaridad highlights the daily impact it has as an organization across the country for thousands of children. This recognition is a testament to their work and the importance of exercising community leadership for the transformation of the members of each of their community kitchens. The NGO is committed to breaking the generational cycle of inequality in Venezuela, and this award is a testament to its commitment to the country.